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Professional Carpet Removal Service in Las Vegas

Updated: May 22

Are you considering giving your floors a fresh new look by removing old carpets? Whether it’s for a residential makeover or a commercial upgrade, carpet removal might seem like a daunting task. However, with the right team by your side, it can be a smooth and efficient process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of carpet removal and how Let’s Do Junk makes the entire process hassle-free.

Why Choose Professional Carpet Removal Services?

Let's face it; removing old carpeting is not a glamorous job. It involves heavy lifting, dust, and disposal logistics which can be overwhelming for most homeowners. By hiring Let's Do Junk, you are not only saved from the physical labor but also the hassle of figuring out what to do with the old carpet once it's removed. Sit back, relax, and let the professionals handle everything.

Why Remove Old Carpet?

Carpets can significantly affect the appearance and health of your indoor environment. Over time, carpets accumulate dust, allergens, and stains that not only look unsightly but can also affect air quality. Besides aesthetic reasons, removing old carpets can unveil hidden hardwood treasures beneath, giving your space a modern and elegant look.

Old worn out carpet

Step-by-Step Carpet Removal Process

1. Preparation is Key

Before any removal begins, clear the room of furniture and personal belongings. This ensures a quick and unobstructed removal process. At Let's Do Junk, we can assist with moving heavy items to make sure the area is ready for the carpet removal process.

2. Safety Measures

Safety is our top priority. Our professional team comes equipped with the necessary safety gear, including gloves and masks, to avoid any contact with dust and debris.

3. The Removal

With years of expertise in the industry, our team meticulously handles the process of cutting and rolling the carpet and padding beneath it. Every step is executed with precision and care to guarantee that the flooring underneath remains unscathed.

4. Disposal and Cleanup

After the carpet is removed, there will be leftover tack strips, nails, and staples. We efficiently remove these remnants, leaving your floors clean and safe. The carpet and padding are then responsibly disposed of, adhering to environmental guidelines.

Old carpet rolled up for removal

Why Choose Let's Do Junk for Your Carpet Removal Needs?

Removing carpets can be labor-intensive and requires proper disposal methods. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Efficiency: Our team works swiftly to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

  • Professionalism: With years of experience, our specialists handle every project with utmost care.

  • Eco-friendly Disposal: We are committed to environmentally responsible disposal practices, including recycling and donating whenever possible.

  • Affordable: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on service quality.

Bare concrete floor after carpet removal

Ready for a New Flooring?

If you’re looking to refresh your home or business premises, removing old carpets is a great place to start. Let's Do Junk offers professional carpet removal services that save you time and effort, allowing you to quickly move on to the next phase of your renovation project.

With Let's Do Junk, the daunting task of carpet removal becomes a seamless and positive experience. Contact us today to schedule your carpet removal service and take the first step towards transforming your space.


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